A Taxonomy of 1980s Film Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and while you’re hurriedly evaluating his taste in cologne and neck ties for a last minute gift (hopefully not, because we have a list of better presents he’d prefer over here), take a break with us for a look back at some fantastic film fathers. The 1980s was a great decade for dads who ranged from classic Cliff Huxtable types to more angsty and outrageous patriarchs. We’ve categorized them in a handy taxonomy past the break. See if you can figure out where your pops might fall on the list before sending off that Father’s Day card, and chime in with your own suggestions below.

The Mythic Dad

Thrill-seeking archaeologist and crushable college professor Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) had a strained relationship with his dad — fellow archaeologist and professor of medieval literature, Henry Senior (Sean Connery) — but the father and son team got screen time to air their relationship troubles in 1989’s Last Crusade (often to comical effect). Being so absent from Indy’s life, particularly during important quests like his search for the Holy Grail, made Indy see Henry Senior as a mythic figure he desperately wanted to live up to — something he could never easily admit. The troubled adventurer resolved some of those difficult emotions when he was tasked with saving Henry’s life, evading a group of Nazis.

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