Of Course You Can Be the Horse’s Head in ‘Godfather’ Monopoly

We’re no stranger to pop culture-inspired takes on Monopoly; we’ve previously lusted after versions of the classic board game that nod at Game of Thrones, The Princess Bride, and The Big Lebowski. The major difference with The Godfather Monopoly? You’ll actually be able to buy this collector’s edition — which is being released to mark the 40th anniversary of the film — in specialty stores.

According to The Wrap, property names like Boardwalk and Park Place have been swapped for film locations like Moe Green’s Casino and the Corleone Long Island home; you draw “Friends” and “Enemies” cards (instead of “Chance” and “Community”); players “align with particular families”; and houses and hotels have become “hideouts” and “compounds.” And of course the playing pieces have a similar mafioso twist. We’re curious: Would you rather be the olive oil or a dead fish?