Uncanny Portraits Featuring Layered, Multiple Faces

Experimenting with different identities in his work (and personal life), the Singapore-born artist Ang Choon Leng — who goes by John Clang, or simply Clang — explores deeply personal themes of memory, longing, and displacement in his work. Clang’s series Blind Spot is a palimpsest of different faces — some including his own — projected onto each other and layered in uncanny and emotional ways. Each image toys with the double exposure of the subjects’ inner and outer worlds. They’re beautiful and strange, and we can’t stop looking at them. See Clang’s otherworldly portraits past the break, and visit the artist’s website for other great work. If you happen to be in southeast Asia in early 2013, keep your eyes peeled for Clang’s solo show at the National Museum of Singapore, which is bound to be beautiful.

Image credit: John Clang [Spotted via PetaPixel]