Photo Gallery: Northside Festival 2012

In the beginning, The L Magazine’s Northside Festival was a small-scale celebration of Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s indie music scene at a handful of venues in those neighborhoods, each night bringing a selection of the area’s best local bands. By its fourth year, the event had grown into Brooklyn’s own mini-South by Southwest; Northside’s headquarters, once a bar’s back room, stretched out to fill an airplane hangar-size warehouse, and its scope expanded to encompass film, art, and entrepreneurship. But as far as we’re concerned, the festival’s biggest draw was still the music. For four days, big-name acts like Jens Lekman, of Montreal, GZA, The Olivia Tremor Control, and Kool Keith invaded the borough, joining those same excellent local musicians who still comprise Northside’s core, while the Internet’s new favorite teenage rapper, Kitty Pryde, made her New York debut. We’ve collected some photos and highlights from an excellent weekend of music below.

Photo credit: Sean Ruch

Thursday 6/14, Knitting Factory

It’s a shame Zambri had to play so early, to such a sparse crowd, because we count their performance among the best of the weekend. Sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri filled the stage with synths and microphones (including a truly inspired dual-microphone necklace that brought some analog realness to the vocal-delay trend), their goth-pop vocals and Seth Kasper’s apocalyptic drum booms combining to create a sound that could fill far bigger rooms.