Beautiful Photographs of an Abandoned World Inhabited Only by Animals

There’s plenty of post-apocalyptic art out there, but generally it imagines a world devoid of life and left to crumble — far more unsettling, at least in our view, is a world which only humans have ceased to exist, other animal species tentatively taking over. In Richard Allenby-Pratt’s series Abandoned, which we first spotted over at Faith is Torment, endangered animals roam a landscape deserted by humans, the demise of one species creating freedom and life for many more. As Allenby-Pratt explains, “This project imagines a future without people, where the relics of our unrealised ambitions are populated by some of the species we have, in the present day, come so close to exterminating. I hope to highlight the fragility of our economic systems and the desperate need for us to live in harmony with the other occupants of our world.” Or else.

Photo credit: Richard Allenby-Pratt