10 Recent Reissues You Need to Hear

We’ve been quietly beside ourselves chez Flavorpill of late awaiting The Lost Tapes, the collection of hitherto undiscovered and/or unreleased Can tracks that’s due out this week. It’s the crowning glory of a six-month period that’s been pretty great for reissues/remasters/compilations, so we thought that with the midpoint of the year nigh, it’d be a good time to go ahead and share the other old/new material that has floated our collective boat in the past several months. As ever, we’re open to suggestions as to what we might have missed, so let us know what’s been on your shopping list.

Can — The Lost Tapes

No, we don’t actually have a copy of this yet, but we still feel pretty confident in saying that a bunch of unearthed tracks from era-defining German geniuses Can will go straight into our Top 10 somewhere.