9 Songs That Would Make Great Theme Parties

Have you ever listened to a song and thought, “Hey, that would make a great theme party”? It’s a rare occurrence, but we recently heard Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” for the first time in a long time and were inspired to revive our pop-culture theme party series. This time, we’re featuring popular songs that have all the ingredients for a rockin’ theme party. Because — well, who wouldn’t want to be engulfed in a ’90s-tastic “Tubthumping” soirée? Check out our ideas for some David Bowie, Rolling Stones, and Pulp-inspired shindigs after the jump, and hit the comments to suggest more party-worthy jams.

David Bowie — “Heroes”

This one’s a costume party. Each attendee must arrive dressed as their favorite David Bowie persona, a superhero, or their own personal hero. So, by the end of the night, you should be surrounded by an assortment of Ziggy Stardusts, Batmen, and people dressed as their dads. What’s not to love? Oh, and in tribute to the line, “I, I will be king,” we encourage every “Heroes” party-thrower to dress as Jareth the Goblin King. Bonus points if you decorate your abode in this fashion or construct a scale model of the Berlin Wall where your romantically inclined guests can pose for kissy-face photos — and by “bonus points,” we mean “please invite us.”