Mobstr’s Sarcastic and Ironic Street Art About Street Art

Minimalist, black-stenciled graffiti art is nothing groundbreaking — just peruse Etsy and you’ll find a host of inspired decals for your laptop. But England’s Mobstr adds a new spin to the subgenre through sarcastic and cheeky sayings that slyly hint at the cliched nature of street art ca. 2012. Spotted on My Modern Met, the Newcastle artist’s work sets out to show the differences and similarities between street art and advertisements. As Mobstr explains in an interview with the Public Ad Campaign, “I want something quirky and different. Something which makes you smile, which makes you question, which makes you think…. even if it is ‘why the fuck is that there?'” Mission accomplished. Click through to see some of our favorite Mobstr pieces.


Photo credit: Mobstr