Crazy Photos of Leaf Blower-Attacked Faces

The concept is simple: Aim an industrial leaf blower directly at your model’s face. Then, capture the rippling skin, billowing cheeks, and shifting cartilage. Repeat one hundred times. Give the series a catchy, delightfully disgusting name, and ta-da! Blow Job by Tadas Černiauskas, which started making the rounds last month, is one big hit. Here are a few photos for you to look at, as well as the recently-released (and possibly even more mesmerizing!) slo-mo making-of video. Some of them are truly terrifying, raw with giant wet gums, upturned gaping nose holes and tearing eyes. Oh, and that one’s a cartoon, right? Oh, and that one over there looks like Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead. Oh, why can’t we just stop clicking?

Photo credit: Tadas Černiauskas