Photos of Impressive Beards in Black and White

Justin Muir created a bewhiskered photo book after finding out his friend was diagnosed with cancer and had no health insurance to undergo treatment. A Book of Beards was born, allowing Muir to help his friend and study the woolly-faced culture of West Chester, Pennsylvania — which the artist describes as “bold” and “a little uncharacteristic of an otherwise neat and tidy town.” Eventually he built a portable studio so he could talk to his bristly subjects and photograph them from anywhere — including bars, beard competitions, and people’s backyards.

All proceeds from the first pressing of the book are being used to support Muir’s friend in need. We’ve previewed several of the 86 portraits featured in A Book of Beards (Muir shot an impressive 100 subjects, however) past the break. Pick up a copy of the book and individual prints over here, and do your good deed for the day.

Image credit: Justin Muir