The World’s Strangest Perfumes and Colognes

There are some bizarre fragrances out there, folks. Our most recent discovery? Superhero cologne. That’s right — Marvel has released a series of Avengers scents for those of us who aspire to superhuman scent. Intrigued by these new products, we decided to do a little research and round up some of other bizarre perfumes. Enjoy the smell of bacon? We’ve got a cologne for you. What about vaginas? Yup, that fragrance exists, too. Check out 10 strange perfumes and colognes after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know if you’re intrigued or repulsed.

Have you been searching far and wide for a product that will trick the noses of passersby into thinking that you’re a superhero? If so, go ahead and buy yourself some Avengers cologne. What do superheroes even smell like, anyway? Sweat, victory, and radioactivity? Well, with some help from these four special scents — “Mark VII” for Iron Man, “Patriot” for Captain America, “Smash!” for Hulk, and “Worthy” for Thor — you’ll be carrying the aroma of a box-office hit in no time. We’re not too sure about the others, but we’d be surprised if Tony Stark doesn’t smell absolutely marvelous. Oh, and for those interested in attracting the likes of Woody Allen and Ryan Reynolds (circa 2008-2011; may that marriage rest in peace), here’s your Scarlett Johansson-inspired Black Widow perfume.