Photos of Diner Food and the Waitresses Who Serve It

With school out and even working stiffs planning summer vacations, we’re in the thick of road-trip season. So, although we can’t find much about Swiss photographer Stephen Shaher, we couldn’t resist sharing these fun photos of the food he ordered at diners and truck stops across the US (and one in Ontario) and the proud, personality-filled waitresses who served it. As Design You Trust tells it, the project — which we find mysteriously reminiscent of the work of a photographer with a very similar name, Stephen Shore — was part of a coast-to-coast jaunt. While not all of the meals look terribly appetizing, the photos still have us fantasizing about taking off on a great American road trip — or at least spending some time amid the alien kitsch of Roswell.

Photo credit: Stephen Shaher

White Spot Cafe
Trinidad, Colorado, October 1, 2004
Waiter: Carol
Order: steamed burrito with beef, tea, Diet Coke ($7.34)