Dreamy Portraits in Hard Liquor and Ink

If, as a kid, you ever made a faux-ancient document for history class, then you know tea does cool things to paper. And recently, we learned that wine does cool things to photographs. But the last beverage we’d ever expect to make a good art medium is hard alcohol — which is why we find Carne Griffths’ work so cool. Using graphite and calligraphy ink as a base, he adds such liquors as vodka, brandy, and whiskey to create the smudges and drips that lend a romantic look to portraits of women who seem like they could be goddesses. Click through to see some of Griffiths’ most beautiful drawings, which we spotted via Beautiful/Decay, and visit his website to see quite a bit more of his work and, if you’re so inclined, look into buying prints.

Image credit: Carne Griffiths