This Week in Trailers: ‘Monsters University,’ ‘The Master,’ and One Last ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Every Friday here at Flavorwire, we like to gather up the week’s new movie trailers, give them a look-see, and rank them from worst to best — while taking a guess or two about what they might tell us (or hide from us) about the movies they’re promoting. This week, we’ve got new trailers from Pixar, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Christopher Nolan, plus vehicles for Liam Neeson, Andy Samberg, and Rashida Jones. Check ’em all out after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments.


We’d be lying if we said we’d been eagerly anticipating this “reboot” of Stallone’s notorious 1995 flop, and this trailer has done absolutely nothing to inspire our confidence. First of all, the filmmakers appear to have made the mistake of thinking that Stallone (and his co-stars, including a cringe-inducing Rob Schneider) was the cause of the first film’s failure — not the goofy premise of the original British comic book, which was present there and here in dialogue like “I am the law.” Secondly, through no fault of the filmmakers (who have been working on the picture for several years now), Dredd appears to have basically the exact same plot of the spring Indonesian barn-burner The Raid: Redemption, and if there’s one action movie this year you don’t want to get yourself compared to, it’s The Raid: Redemption (or, for that matter, Attack the Block, which it also bears a passing resemblance to). Throw in Olivia Thirlby with bad hair and a Dredd who makes Stallone’s interpretation look sensitive and charismatic, and you can count us out.