’90s TV Characters and Their Contemporary Equivalents

Ah, ’90s TV characters. They don’t make them quite like they used to, eh? Have you ever wondered what Daria might be like ca. 2012? Or Wilson from Home Improvement? After noticing a familiar Sex and the City-type plot line in a recent episode of Girls — or, more specifically, that Hannah is as addicted to Adam as Carrie was to Mr. Big — we were inspired to seek out other current counterparts to popular ’90s TV characters. Needless to say, it was a little tough and a lot of fun. After the jump, check out our modern matches for Rachel Green, Jerry Seinfeld, Jessie Spano, and more.

Mr. Big (Sex and the City) and Adam (Girls)

As much as Carrie Bradshaw tried, she just couldn’t kick her addiction to Big. Sounds a bit familiar, eh? Didn’t a teary-eyed Hannah give Adam a laundry list of reasons why she never wanted to see him again, then proceed to suck his face? Although we’re finding Adam to be increasingly likable, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah inevitably dates a super-sane Aidan type in upcoming seasons of Girls. But will she go running back to Adam when her new relationship gets tough? Probably. Will Adam leave her at the altar? Well, judging from his precious reaction to Jessa’s wedding, probably not, but Adam and Big undeniably play the same hot-and-cold roles in their ladies’ TV lives.