Awesome Posters: The Wes Anderson Alphabet

No matter how you feel about Wes Anderson’s films, their singular visual style at least guarantees some aesthetic pleasure. A great side effect is the abundance of lovely and imaginative fan art his sensibility has inspired, from this Wes Anderson Film Color Palette to these alternative Moonrise Kingdom posters. Today, the excellent Criterion Corner Tumblr pointed us to the Wes Anderson Alphabet, a series of stylish posters from a Madrid-based designer who goes by the handle Hexagonall that spotlights individual characters from the director’s oeuvre: A is for Alistair Hennessy, B is for Bert Fischer, etc. Although it’s not a complete alphabet, it’s certainly an attractive one. See some of our favorites from the series below, click here to buy prints, visit Hexagonall’s website to see more work.

Photo credit: Hexagonall