Extinct Birds Dressed In Fashions From the Year of Their Demise

It’s always a relief when a particularly noxious (or unflattering) style of clothing goes out of style. It’s a little less pleasant when an entire species goes extinct, but that doesn’t make us appreciate these clever and irreverent drawings by Brian R. Williams, which we spotted over at i09, any less. Williams imagines extinct birds going out in style — the style of the times, that is, dressing them in fashions from the year they went extinct. We’re willing to be you’ve never seen a more striking Atitlán Grebe in your life. Click through to check out a veritable menagerie of well-dressed fowl, and if you’re still not satisfied, head here to buy a print of one (or many!) of Williams’ drawings for yourself.

Great Auk, 1844. Art credit: Brian R. Williams.