Fascinating Portraits of Rooms Shot From Above

Most of us see the rooms in which we live, work, and shop in the same way every day — if, with our busy lives and preoccupied minds, we even notice them at all. In German photographer Menno Aden’s intriguing series Room Portraits, which we spotted over at My Modern Met, Aden flips our perspective, taking aerial shots of bedrooms, stores, workspaces and living areas, and presenting them as flat portraiture. We love the way the swap adds insane gravity (at least in our minds) and intimate meaning to the organization and selection of objects, each thing in its proper (or wholly improper) place. Click through to check out a few images from the series, and then be sure to head over to Aden’s website to see even more of his work.

From Room Portraits, by photographer Menno Aden.