Altered Perception: Nagai Hideyuki’s Amazing 3D Sketches

As MC Escher once famously said, “The flat shapes irritate me” — which explains a lot about his resulting output, right? If you’re a fan of Escher’s playful, imaginative manipulations of reality, then we think these 3D drawings by 21-year-old Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki, which we spotted over on Visual News, will blow your mind too. The strange creatures that populate the pages of his notebooks look like you could reach out and touch them, were you so inclined. Personally, we prefer to just stare and try to figure out he does it. We’ve posted a few of our favorite sketches after the jump for your viewing pleasure; let us know in the comments if you find Hideyuki’s work as interesting as we do.

Image credit: Nagai Hideyuki