Grow Your Own Architecture: Unusual Structures Made Out of Trees

Today would be the 160th birthday of our favorite nature-loving Spanish Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. His appreciation and love of nature is often credited to the sun-drenched summers he spent as a child in the Tarragona province of Spain, an idyllic landscape known for hazelnuts, olive oil, and a raucous festival featuring human castles and bestiary.

In honor of Gaudí’s greatest achievement, the mind-blowing Sagrada Família in Barcelona whose stunning nave is without a doubt the most beautiful architectural and artistic representation of a tree ever created, we’ve taken a look at some of today’s most inspired contemporary living designs. From nest houses to cherry blossom retreats, click through to check out the very best of architecture you can grow.

The Patient Gardener Study Retreat by VISIONDIVISION — Milan, Italy

Image credit: Architizer

Appropriately named, this two-story study retreat grown out of 10 intertwined Japanese cherry blossom trees will be fully formed in about 60 years.