Incredible Body Paint Optical Illusions, Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Flick

They may look like behind-the-scenes shots from Pan’s Labyrinth, but there are no high-tech special effects at work in the photos below. In the playful art of Chooo-San, a Japanese college student, hyperrealistic mouths and eyes emerge from hands and cheeks, while wrists zip open or conceal battery packs. She creates these optical illusions purely through skillful and clever use of body paint, achieving 3D effects that beat some of what we’ve seen in mid-budget horror movies — and she discovered her hidden talent the way any student might, while doodling on her hands in the midst of studying for university entrance exams. Click through for a gallery of her bizarre images, which we discovered via Designboom, and visit her website to see more.

Image credit: Chooo-San