10 Fake Books in Movies That We Wish We Could Read

Like everyone else, we’ve been swooning over Wes Anderson’s newest film, Moonrise Kingdom, since well before it hit theaters. But now that it has, we’ve swooned even more — and not least because the movie stars a girl with a suitcase full of awesome-sounding (and totally made up) books. We’ve already explored wonderful fake books by TV characters, and imaginary books written about in real books, so we thought we’d round up a few fictional books on film that we wish really existed so we could sit down and read them. Click through to see the made up tomes we picked, and let us know if we missed the one you’ve been most itching to read in the comments.

Suzy Bishop’s books in Moonrise Kingdom

Suzy Bishop is a girl after our own hearts — when running away, she brought only the essentials: a suitcase packed to the brim with her favorite books. Though she reads from a few of them — YA novels with strong female leads all — we couldn’t get enough. At least we have these animated excerpts to tide us over until some intrepid young author fleshes them out for us.