10 Celebrities Who Might Be Real-Life Superheroes

Forget teacup poodles and ripped denim vests — there’s a new fad in Hollywood, and it’s much more exciting than any old-fashioned accessory. These days, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the superhero pie. Although, after all this Avengers hoopla, can you really blame them? Upon hearing that Jennifer Lawrence has been dubbed a “hero” after helping an unconscious stranger, we were inspired to round up some more celebrities who just might be superheroes. Check ’em out after the jump, and feel free to suggest some appropriate superhero alter egos in the comments — because, well, we can’t kick the idea that Ryan Gosling’s superhero persona should resemble an actual gosling, or perhaps our favorite Gosselin, and neither of those things are very intimidating.

Jennifer Lawrence

The newest inductee into the celebrity superhero brigade, Lawrence made headlines yesterday after a little incident involving a fainting teenager. After hearing a scream, the Hunger Games star emerged from her apartment building to find that a young girl had passed out on her front lawn. Lawrence dialed 911 and waited until an ambulance arrived, at which point paramedics treated the girl on scene and let her go home. Although Lawrence did what any responsible person would do in the same situation, we’ll still give her an A+ for being a great person. Check out photos of the rescue here.