7 Great TV Shows You Can Save — By Catching Up on Them This Summer

Do you know why TV shows get canceled every year? Well, yes, sometimes it’s because they’re bad and often it’s because the network that airs them isn’t doing an adequate job promoting them — but it’s also because of us, the viewers who are zoning out in front of, say, Jersey Shore when there’s so much excellent television we could be watching. The good news is that network execs renewed quite a few great but low-rated shows, and you’ve got the entire fallow summer season to catch up through Netflix, Hulu, etc. in time to drive up their viewership numbers when they return and help secure them yet another season after this one. After the jump, learn how you can be a hero just by watching TV.


No one needs to tell the Internet that Community has spent each of its three seasons at risk of cancellation — or that it’s one of the best sitcoms of all time, or that no one knows whether Season 4 will even be worth watching, now that Dan Harmon is out as showrunner. But the fact remains that if the series is going to have a chance of making it to Season 5, it needs to increase its audience in a big way. For one thing, NBC already hedged its bets by picking up Community for only 13 episodes. Then, it pushed the show off the Thursday-night comedy line-up to Friday, alongside Whitney. And finally, May’s season finale attracted only 2.48 million viewers. So, if you haven’t checked in to Greendale Community College yet, use this summer to breeze through all three seasons, which are worth your time whether or not the Harmon-less version turns out to be worth saving.