Takanori Aiba’s Intricate, Fantastical Sculptures of Bonsai Buildings

In your wildest vacation fantasies, where do you stay? A posh hotel, perhaps, or under the stars atop a beautiful mountain? Well, the miniature buildings Japanese artist Takanori Aiba constructs — often using materials like vintage pineapple cans and ice cream packages as his base — are more idyllic than anything we could have possibly dreamed up. Although only a few are actually named Bonsai, all of the tiny structures evoke bonsai trees, both in their precise intricacy and in the way they seem to grow out of pots and pedestals. Click through to see a selection of Aiba’s sculptures, which we discovered via Booooooom, and visit his website to learn more about his work.

Bonsai B. Image credit: Takanori Aiba