Listen to Music “Played” by Very Unlikely Sources

Music, you might have been told, can come from anywhere — the sky! the trees! the rushing wind! Well, that’s definitely true, but in recent months we’ve been noticing a lot of more deliberate projects dedicated to tapping very unconventional sources for their musical potential. From the universe’s gamma rays to goldfish, from traffic patterns to brain waves, turns out almost anything in our world can create a beautiful symphony, if only we can figure out how best to listen. Click through to listen to the dulcet tones of music wrung from the weirdest of sources, and if you know of any we haven’t mentioned, add to our collection in the comments!

A Symphony by the Universe

NASA scientists have converted the gamma rays of our universe into a surprisingly beautiful musical score. Or to be more precise: “Thanks to the Fermi Large Area (LAT) telescope, we can now ‘see’ gamma rays (high frequency electromagnetic waves) in the universe. Gamma rays are comprised of photons (elementary particles), each of which have their own energy and frequency. The higher the energy, the higher the frequency. By measuring their frequency, we can convert rays into musical notes.”