10 Albums You Need To Hear in July

Summer is in full swing, and if you haven’t melted yet, you’re probably looking forward to getting hold of some of the surfeit of new music that’s being released over the next month. In all honesty, July is shaping up as something of a strange month for music — lots of album releases, but not a whole heap of really, really exciting ones. But happily, we’re here to help — we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff, the diamonds from the rough, the sheep from the goats, and all that. And so after the jump we’ve selected what we reckon are the 10 compulsory releases to hear this month, along with a suitably pithy roundup of everything else out there. Let us know what you love/hate/reckon we missed.

Motion Sickness of Time Travel — Motion Sickness of Time Travel (July 3)

Rachel Evans’ two 2011 releases — Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious and Luminaries and Synastry — were two of our favorite records in ages, so to say we’re excited for this new double album is something of an understatement. It contains four tracks across two LPs — one track per side — and we’re very much looking forward to getting our hands on a copy, because this is just as good, if not better, than its predecessors. If you’re at all into drone/atmospheric/ambient music, we suggest you do the same.