10 New Must-Reads for July

It’s finally summer in earnest, and July is sure to be filled with hot nights, beachy weekends and afternoons spent taking refuge under shady trees — or in air conditioned cafés. Of course, all of those activities are vastly improved by a great book, and luckily for us, there is a veritable slew of quality reads coming out this month — just the thing to distract us from the hot weather and sit nicely beside our glistening lemonades. This month, we’re recommending quirky love stories, twisted immigrant tales, surreal fantasies, and at least one mystery you’ll stay up all night to finish. Click through to read our recommendations of the ten books you shouldn’t miss this month, and let us know what’s on your July reading list in the comments.

A Million Heavens, John Brandon (July 3)

Brandon’s third novel is quietly strange, a slowly building story of a town in decline that gathers its characters together as it goes — the father of the boy in a mysterious coma, the gas-station proprietor on a vision quest, the vengeful teenage guitarist who hears music from beyond, the existential wolf who stalks the periphery — each of them seeking solitude but finding a kind of community in the yawning desert. Brandon consistently blows us away, and this novel is no different.