TV’s Most Scandalous Suburbs

Not only did last night’s Weeds season premiere kick off in high gear, but the episode served as an excellent re-entry point for fans who checked out after the Botwins left Majestic (née Agrestic) at the end of Season 3 and returned after the onslaught of publicity about the show returning to “its roots” for the final season. We don’t want to give away any plot points from the premiere, which you can now watch for free, but we will say that the openings credits provided a nifty map of the Botwins’ wayward journey back to the burbs set to the familiar “Little Boxes” (a tune we admit was nice to hum again).

Since last night’s episode had us recalling the good ol’ days in Agrestic, we decided to take a look back at the Botwin family’s old stomping ground — the origins of this whole mess — as well as the other suburbs in TV history whose matchy-houses, swimming pools, and family-ready vehicles belied their residents’ dark and twisted lives. Click through for our list, and please don’t hesitate to let us know which pre-fab neighborhoods you would add. 

Weeds: Agrestic/Majestic, CA
The affluent residents of Agrestic are just your typical recreational pot users, and Nancy Botwin your typical newly widowed soccer mom trying to make ends meet. Initially, the operation seemed completely harmless; Nancy refused to sell to kids and she even had a cute bakery front. But by the end of Season 3 things got a whole lot heavier: Nancy had accrued one more dead husband, she and Celia assisted an evangelical takeover of Agrestic, an Olsen twin popped up out of nowhere to sell pot (to the 10,000+ members of her mega-church), and the whole town (now absorbed by neighboring “Majestic”) went down in flames, quite literally.