Mind-Blowing Photos of Breaking Waves

If you’ve ever sat on a beach and been totally mesmerized by the pounding surf, then you’ll find a lot to appreciate in Waves, a series of incredibly up close and personal photographs of the Pacific Ocean that were spotted by BuzzFeed and snapped by Nick Selman and CJ Kal, a best friend team based out of Kona, Hawaii. The timing in these images is what makes them so incredible; many of the shots manage to capture that rare moment when the barrel of the wave creates the perfect frame for the lush beauty of the surrounding landscape, right before crashing on the shore. If you’ve been craving some quality time at the beach, paging through our slideshow might be the next best thing — and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a flight to Hawaii. Ah, nature.

Photo credit: Nick Selman and CJ Kal