These Are the Bands That Make You Totally Undateable

A couple of weeks back, our esteemed literary editor Emily Temple surveyed the books that might make you beat a hasty retreat if you saw them on a potential date’s bookshelf, or in their handbag. The post got plenty of heated comments, and it also got us thinking about the other place you might look to snoop on a date’s cultural credentials: their record collection (or, failing that, their iPod.) And so, as we did for books, we asked around Flavorpill central to find out which artists might, if discovered on a potential date’s playlist, put an end to that date pretty damn quickly. We received plenty of responses, and the entirely personal, subjective, and often hotly debated results await after the jump.

Bon Iver

Key quote: “We’re gonna have to talk about your feelings a lot, huh?”

Yes. And also probably have to endure lots of heartbroken pining for an ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend over dinner, an hour into which you’ll end up slipping out the front to “take a phone call” and surreptitiously fucking off to the subway. Save yourself the trouble, peoples.