15 Medical Models More Interesting Than Damien Hirst’s Pregnant Sculpture

If all goes according to plan, the residents of a small seaside English town called Ilfracombe are about to get a new neighbor that will turn their “run down Victorian seaside resort” into a tourist hotspot. Meet Verity, a hulking, 65-foot tall Damien Hirst statue of a pregnant woman with a sword, which is basically a giant bronze version of a medical model… with a sword. Sigh. It’s one of his signature treatments. Just like his $1.5 million duplicate of a Humbrol Young Scientist Laboratory Set with removable organs, originally priced at $24. Sigh. With that in mind, we bring you the Vintage Anatomicals Flickr pool, culling curious specimens from such places like the The Museum of Unnatural History and the Medical Museum of Florence. Check ’em out — fabric fetuses sticking out of felt bellies, cavernous gaping skeletons, and drawings of skulls riddled with detailed capillaries and veins. We’d rather gaze at these a bit. You?

Image via Vintage Anatomicals