A Selection of the All-Time Silliest Genres in Music

One of the guilty pleasures of music journalism is the opportunity to coin silly new genre names (like “moustache funk” — you heard it here first.) But while we’re all for such antics — and we get thoroughly tired of jaded old cynics looking at every new genre and wailing about how it’s all shit/it was better in their day/etc — we did bow our heads in wonder at the Guardian’s recent A-Z of new genres — there’s a heap of good music on there, but we have to admit that it took music’s taxonomic obsession to a whole new level. And it reminded us that occasionally, a new genre will come along that makes us giggle at the overwhelming silliness of it all. Like the ones after the jump, for instance — some are endearingly silly, some are plain old silly, and some are genuinely appalling. Yes, BrokenCYDE, we’re looking at you.


In fairness, our problem with #seapunk isn’t the music itself — some of it is OK, some of it is terrible, just like most other genres. No, it’s the name. If your genre name starts with a hashtag, we’re not exactly holding out hopes for its longevity. And hashtag or no hashtag, what does turquoise hair and a Little Mermaid obsession have to do with punk? Joe Strummer is spinning in his grave like a fucking dynamo.