Wanderlust-Inspiring Photos of the Most Remote Places on the Planet

Sometimes, you just have to get far, far away, get into a car/train/plane, and not look at anyone you know for a long, long time. But you can’t. And so, we have assembled a few photos of the most remote, faraway spots imaginable. Torture yourself with views of exotic trees and gorgeous, untouched nature. See the places that cannot be reached by roads. Go to the highest city in the world. Hide yourself behind miles and miles of snow, desert, and snowy desert. Be a virtual hermit for awhile. Get lost in this little slideshow.

Image credit: WNYC Radio

This is Socotra, Yemen. The main island of a remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean, it’s so isolated that a third of its plant life is unique to the location. The last two thousand years of human settlement have reduced the plant/fauna variety, because people always ruin everything. Oh, man, those trees though! That’s it. Let’s go shoot a movie there right now!