Beautiful Editions of Fictional Non-Fiction Books

As much as we love books of fiction around here, we’re almost as fond of fictional books. So obviously we are more than charmed by this project by designer Daniel Gray, which we spotted over at i09. Gray has created a “publishing house” entitled Vulture Books, which publishes “classic non-fiction texts* illuminating the darker corners of human thinking, published as paperbacks for the first time. Ideal for sharing, pocketing and inducing metaphysical despair. *texts may or may not actually exist.” The vulture himself was designed to “sit alongside Penguin and Pelican books. He looks a bit malevolent, but still has a cheeky glint in his eye.” Indeed. Click through to check out the first run of Vulture books (and see which ones you recognize) and then be sure to head over to Gray’s website to see even more of his work.

Image credit: Daniel Gray