Photos of Elderly People Suspended High Above the Streets

Twenty feet above the Montreal sidewalk, in simple white chairs inexplicably affixed to the sides of buildings, little old ladies are going about their business. One knits, one folds laundry, one stares off into space dreamily as the passerby stare up — or don’t notice a thing. They were tucked up there by German installation artist Angie Hiesl for this year’s Festival Transamerique in Montreal, though Hiesl has been working with this concept in different cities for years now. The installation, which we first spotted over at Visual News, makes us think twice about what — and who — constitutes a work of art. The mere passing of mundane moments becomes something extraordinary, depending on where one’s chair is placed, and we begin to appreciate our elders in a way we never have before. Click through to check out images from Hiesel’s installation, and be sure to check out the video in the last slide to see the project in action.

Image credit: Angie Hiesl and Festival Transamerique