Amazing LEGO Creations in Unlikely Places

This year marks the 50th anniversary of LEGO arriving in Australia, and to honor the fun, versatile bricks that made life more colorful and inventive, life-size LEGO lands are being installed in various locations all over the continent as part of the Festival of Play. After spotting the life-size LEGO garden that popped up in a remote mining town in the Australian Outback over on Juxtapoz, we couldn’t help but wonder if anyone else was playing around with extra-large versions of our favorite Danish-designed interlocking construction blocks. From a life-size forest of iconic LEGO pine trees to a LEGO bridge to a LEGO house with a working bathroom, click through to check out what the world might look like if dreams came true and it was made out of LEGOS.

LEGO Forest — Broken Hill Desert, Australia

Image credit: Broken Hill

As the website of the popular Outback destination explains, the “the Forest consists of 15 of the iconic LEGO ‘pine’ trees scaling 4 metres in height and 15 flower sets. The LEGO Forest trees and flowers are 1:1 in ratio replicas of the original iconic pieces, but over 66 times bigger in size to make the magical play world a reality.”