Susanne Bisovsky’s Gorgeous Photographic Tribute to Frida Kahlo

Colorful, surreal, and imbued with incredible depth of feeling, Frida Kahlo’s work has influenced painters, writers, musicians and designers, not to mention countless young women who are continually inspired by the great artist to find beauty in their own strangeness. In 1938, André Breton described Kahlo’s artwork as a “ribbon around a bomb,” and fashion designer Susanne Bisovsky’s Kahlo-inspired work, which we spotted over at Behance, is equally explosive — and equally pretty. Click through to check out these gorgeous tributes to one of the most fashionable and daring women of all time, and then head over to Bisovsky’s website to see even more of her work, including a few more Fridas!

Image credit: Susanne Bisovsky and Atelier Olschinsky.