Pictures of David Bowie Doing Crazy Stuff

David Bowie is a pretty out-there character, prone to wild costumes, scandalous stage shows and creative antics of all kinds. We’ve already compiled a series of photos of the innovative artist doing normal stuff, but after we noticed this mighty bizarre picture of him dolled up as the Sphinx over at Retronaut this week, we decided to go the other route and round up a few of his very weirdest photographic moments for your viewing pleasure. Don’t blame us if we’ve missed a few, however — we all know how very many there are. Click through to see David Bowie doing a bunch of rather weird stuff, and let us know which one is your favorite (or add to our collection) in the comments! Be warned, however: the last slide is somewhat NSFW.

David Bowie as the Sphinx, 1969. Photo via.