15 Unusual and Amazing Hostels Around the World

The word “hostel” doesn’t usually inspire positive thoughts, but not all boarding houses are boxy, dreary, or terrifying to shower in. Traveling cheap doesn’t have to be a regretful experience, which is why we’ve traveled far and wide for you, searching for incredibly designed and unique accommodations around the world. These hostels offer amazing surroundings and experiences, while still catering to the budget conscious and those looking for sociable vacation adventures. From mountains and treetops, to haunted castles and art-friendly communes, check out our list of unconventional hostels past the break, and mention your personal favorites in the comments below.

The Overstay

Described as “Bangkok’s number one chillout spot” and “a six-tiered cake of fun and living,” The Overstay in Thailand sounds more like an artist collective than a place to rest your head at night. “This old haunted house has been morphed into a creative space and guest house. Bringing with it a following of people who are into exchanging ideas, languages, music, art and love (even lust on the right night),” the website encourages. A bar, graffiti art, cinema, and open rooftop with hammocks, tents, and “stoners” make up a few of The Overstay’s unique amenities.