The Shocking Original Logos of 10 Major Companies

Regular Flavorwire readers know that we’re completely obsessed with logo design — from the fascinating back stories on how companies’ logos were dreamed up, to what they would say if they were really telling the truth. Now thanks to a post over on StockLogos, we’ve gotten an interesting glimpse at the original (and much less recognizable) logos of some of the world’s biggest companies, juxtaposed with the visuals that we associate these brands with today. From an Apple logo featuring a drawing of Isaac Newton perched under an apple tree to a McDonald’s logo with nary a golden arch in sight, click through for a slideshow of some the most surprising makeovers that we discovered.

Image credit: StockLogos

The original Apple logo, which was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, featured a drawing of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, as well as a William Wordsworth quote. It only lasted one year.