Vintage Postcards vs. Real Life Locations Around the World

Filmmaker Julien Donada travels a lot. He’s also a postcard aficionado. In this union, a nifty Internet entity is born. Behold as he re-photographs popular spots from Sofia in Bulgaria to New York City, as seen in the postcards that he finds at flea markets and old bookshops around the world. Can you imagine how it feels to match up that corner then to that same corner now, hill to hill, street to street, lake to lake? Ah! Spot on. The best part is when said postcard is vintage and the differences across decades — a more crowded beach, a half-complete Eiffel Tower, the sepia-toned ghosts of electric trams. Well, it’s kind of neat, to say the very least. Spotted by The Morning News, here are a few of those magical moments.

Paris, France. Photo credit: Julien Donada