Seductive Furniture Designed for People in Love

Summer is a time for lovers, and if the broiling heat and sultry thunderstorms aren’t enough to remind you that the seductive season is raging full force, we thought we’d add fuel to your fiery inner furnace by rounding up furniture to invite a kiss. Christopher Marlowe — English poet, spy, brawler, magician, and the real genius behind the prose of Shakespeare — is fittingly the author of one of the greatest love poems of all time, “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”. Before his untimely death, Marlowe blissfully penned: “Come live with me and be my love / And we will all the pleasures prove / That valleys, groves, hills, and fields / Woods or steepy mountain yields… And I will make thee beds of roses / And a thousand fragrant posies / A cap of flowers, and a kirtle / Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle…”

Because we’re not living in the Elizabethan era and our sweetheart’s poetic quips are more inspired by Drake, or if we’re lucky, Victoria Legrand, than titillating, well-educated dramatists, we’re here to help you write your own modern-day love story with a little help from our latest design fetish: furniture for lovers. From a make-out chamber for lovers to a hot-lipped sofa for two, click through to check out the very best of design for people in love — or at least very much in like.

Bocca Lips Sofa by Studio 65 (top) and Salvador Dalí

Image credit: Do You Love Design?!; Liz Thayer

According to a brief history of this iconic design, the original Bocca Sofa was designed by Salvador Dalí. Based on the lips of Mae West, it was but one piece he created for an entire room that represented her body. This updated version was created by Studio 65 back in the early ’70s as a tribute to Dalí, and is inspired by the ruby red lips of Ms. Marilyn Monroe.