Glamorous Photos Celebrating Western History’s Most Powerful Queens

While Queen Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, and Marie Antoinette all make bold appearances, you may not recognize all of the female rulers in Alexia Sinclair’s The Regal Twelve. The Sydney-based photographer explains that the project “is a diverse series that celebrates the famous, the infamous and the obscure. Selection was based on their contrasts in leadership, their flamboyancies and their enduring influence upon society. In a time when women generally held little power, these Artemis-like women ruled as both male and female.” The digital montages — which combine backdrops from a trip to Europe with studio photos of models — that result are lush and glamorous fashion-style renderings of badass queens from throughout Western history. Click through to see The Regal Twelve, and visit Sinclair’s website to see more of her work.

Photo credit: Alexia Sinclair [Spotted via Faith is Torment]