The Rudest Letters from Celebrities to their Fans

This week, we read a hilariously rude letter from Morrissey before he became famous on our go-to site for fascinating correspondence, Letters of Note, in which he suggested that one could only enjoy Manchester if a “bedridden deaf mute,” and hoped his pen pal was just as unhappy as he. Clearly, however, the recipient liked the letter well enough, and the two remained pen pals for a year and half, which goes to show you don’t always catch more flies with honey. We did a little exploring, and as it turns out, Morrissey isn’t the only celebrity to send out rude missives to strangers — click through to read through a few other letters from celebrities that their mothers would probably disapprove of, and let us know if any of them shock you in the comments.

From Morrissey to one Robert Mackie, in response to a personal ad in Sounds magazine in 1980:

Steven Morrissey
384- Kings Rd
Manchester- M32 8GW

Dear Person,

So nice to know there’s another soul out there, even if it is in Glasgow.

Does being Scottish bother you? Manchester is a lovely little place, if you happen to be a bedridden deaf mute.

I’m unhappy, hope you’re unhappy too.

In poverty,


[See the handwritten note at Letters of Note]