Readers’ Choice: More of the Movies People Need to Stop Quoting

So come to find out, people are very attached to their movie quotes. Last week, we wrote a post that gently suggested there are some movies that everyone’s heard quoted back to them quite enough times, thank you very much. As the comments rolled in, many readers disagreed, often in colorful language! But let’s not focus on them — many of you not only agreed, but had your own suggestions for movies that others (and yourselves) should put lid on.

We combed through the hundred or so comments the piece received (both here and on our partner site The Atlantic), and while several additional titles were nominated for inclusion in the “stop quoting club” — Fight Club, Scarface, 300, Menace II Society, Blue Velvet, Team America, Jaws, Spider-Man, Psycho, Airplane, Tropic Thunder, Full Metal Jacket, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Caddyshack (I’m sorry, I just can’t diss Caddyshack; we all have our weaknesses) — several fine readers not only had suggestions, but mounted a case for the title at hand. After the jump, over a dozen more movies that you, the readers, insist we all stop quoting.

Pulp Fiction

Tarantino’s indie blockbuster was oft-mentioned in the comments sections; Reader “Adam J. Smith” insists that “anything from Pulp Fiction has been repeated to a burning, smoldering, dry, hateful, cliché.” True enough; there was a weird period where people were quoting that (misquoted) Bible verse a lot, to say nothing of “Royale with cheese” discussions and “Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” (Full disclosure: your film editor has a T-shirt with that last one on it. Still.) “Brian D,” however, was more hesitant: “I would lean towards saying that Pulp Fiction might deserve to be on the list, although ‘What does Marcellus Wallace look like?’ never gets old.”