Fascinating Photos Reveal the Secrets of the Common Kitchen

Call it healthy curiosity or pathological nosiness, but the moment we step into someone else’s home, all we ever want to do is explore. And while it’s socially acceptable to steal glances at our friends’ and neighbors’ bookshelves or record collections, we can’t deny that, given the opportunity, we’d peruse more than just what’s in plain sight. So, naturally we’re drawn to Dutch photographer Erik Klein Wolterink’s Keukens, a set of photo collages that reveals what’s behind the closed cabinet and pantry doors of a rainbow of cultural kitchens, from families of North African origin to Jews to students to the artist’s own pots and pans. See a selection of our favorite shots from the series, which we discovered via iGNANT, after the jump, then visit Wolterink‘s website for more.

Erik Klein Wolterink, Nederlands-Amsterdamse keuken (Amsterdam-Dutch kitchen), 2008