Beautiful ‘Alice in Wonderland’-Inspired Underwater Photos

Is there any children’s book with more vibrant visual descriptions than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? From the playing-card world of the Queen of Hearts to the psychedelic Mad Tea Party, it’s no wonder that so many illustrators have been inspired by it over the years. But we’ve never seen anything quite like Elena Kalis’ Alice in Waterland and Looking Glass, a series of photos that re-enact Alice’s adventures underwater, featuring flamingos, teacups, and even the White Rabbit’s famous pocket watch. The images bring an entirely new brand of surreal beauty to Lewis Carroll’s tale. Click through to see some of our favorite shots from Alice in Waterland, and visit Kalis’ website to see the rest of the series, along with more of her dreamy underwater photography.

Photo credit: Elena Kalis [Spotted via InspireFirst]