A Collection of Inspirational Vintage Library Posters

Normally, we think inspirational posters are pretty hokey, but sometimes we come across a set that we just can’t disagree with. Case in point: Book Bench pointed us towards this wonderful collection of inspirational library posters from the 1960s, discovered by Flickr user Enokson, a library technician in a Canadian junior high school. The set is filled with gems with slogans like “What’s Your Future? Find it in Books!” (a layered statement, to be sure) and “An Elephant Never Forgets… But If You Do, Visit Your School Library!” and charming retro design, so obviously we’re all over it. Click through to see our favorites from the series, and then if you still don’t feel like visiting your school library, head here to check out the entire set.

Photo via Retro Library Posters by Enokson