‘Breaking Bad’ Actors Before They Were Stars

Two episodes into Breaking Bad‘s final season, the Internet is still having a field day with the show. Here at Flavorpill, we’re just as obsessed as everyone else — in the past week alone, we’ve celebrated its many Emmy nominations, peeked inside its writers’ room, and even ranked its characters by moral reprehensibility. But few Breaking Bad-related items have amused us more than the handful of amusing clips that have emerged of the show’s actors before they were famous. After the jump, we round up a few that have already made the rounds — Gus Fring on Sesame Street, Jesse Pinkman on The Price Is Right — along with some hilarious videos we tracked down ourselves. Click through to find out which of your favorite Breaking Bad stars were in Gremlins and Total Recall.

Bryan Cranston, Coffee-Mate Pitchman

In this 1988 commercial, a young Bryan Cranston is stuck working late at the office and finds something that might just help him get through the night. “I knew plenty of guys around the office used it all the time, so I gave it a shot,” he tells us. No, wise guy, it’s not crystal meth — it’s Coffee-Mate! But damned if Cranston wasn’t as convincing a pitchman 24 years ago as Walter White is now.